Monday, June 30, 2008

I wish I was more like Ted Nugent

I picked up a DVD of Ted's Spirit of the Wild (The Best of) yesterday. After watching it (actually, I was glued to it) for the entire 130 minutes, I have to say that I have a new hero.

Ted Nugent is great!

This guy has such a great attitude and spirit about hunting and the outdoors. It is simply refreshing to see someone that isn't making excuses for loving something as natural as hunting. Seeing how he has involved his family in this great lifestyle is terrific too. He is so full of life.

I used to sometimes hide the fact that I hunted, as I was worried about offending people or starting something that might end in a negative way. Well, no more of that. I am no longer going to hide the fact that I enjoy doing something that is my right. Don't get me wrong, I'm not just going to march around telling everybody that I hunt and they can kiss my ass or anything like that. I am just not going to sit silent when someone brings up hunting.

Ted has also got me thinking that I need to use my compound bow more. Damn that man is a good shot. You can tell he practices alot. I could go on about Ted all day. He is simply a great guy, a great hunter, ethical, an environmentalist, and loves to do something as natural as hunting for food.

Ted doesn't just kill game, he it eats it too!


Anonymous said...

Ted Nutgent, is a pathetic insecure moron, who is not satisfied with his penis size, so he uses guns as a extension. If animals could use guns, this idiot would be the first one to hide.

Schick said...

Oh sure, Ted Nugent just oozes insecurity. Ya, right, and you must have some inside knowledge regarding his penis size too.

"He uses guns as a extension.." Ted actually relies mostly on the more sporting bow and arrow combination.

"If animals could use guns, this idiot would be the first one to hide." Are you kidding? Let's just play along in your fantasy world and imagine that animals did indeed have firearms. You wouldn't hide? What would your plan be, thoughtful negotiations? If animals could use firearms, they would follow their natural urge to consume and survive, by ingesting the easy targets, and shoot your granola eating ass first.

While I'm happy to see a comment, I have to admit that I am saddened that it was such uncreative, uninformed bullshit. Your comment was the expected kind of drivvle that usually comes from those that have a point to make, but no means to intelligently make it.

Nice try Anonymous.