Friday, July 3, 2009

Range Dicks

What is a Range Dick?

I couldn't think of a better name for those particular types of people that go to gun ranges and piss me off because of their attitudes. Can you smell a rant coming?

Here are some examples of Range Dicks:

You have invested time and effort working up some new loads for your rifle, and are anxious to see how well they shoot. So now you're sitting at the bench shooting and recording, but get interrupted every 5 or 10 minutes by some Range Dick who wants everyone to stop shooting so he can walk the 100 yards and look at his target yo see how his 5 shots printed. Go get some optics, and stopping thinking entirely of yourself. Do we all really have to stop just for you?

You are enjoying a nice morning shooting a large bore cartridge, until you hear some Range Dick a few benches over complaining about how loud your rifle is. Hey man, it's a gun range. Go home.

Gun snobs are Range Dicks. You know the type. They are the guys that invested thousands in a gun that doesn't shoot any better than your rifle (which costs a fraction of theirs). They are also ignorant enough to think I want to hear them criticize the make or model of the gun I am using. Piss off Range Dick. Maybe I own multiple firearms of good quality, but felt like taking the $139 chinese SKS out for some cheap fun today.

Guys who complain about semi-automatics are Range Dicks. They are the jackasses that think that there is no reason for anyone to want to shoot (let alone own) a semi-auto. They are always quick to add that you can't hunt with them. First off, not everyone hunts. Second, I hunt with an M14S. You got a problem with that? I don't spray 50 rounds at deer, I use one round in a rfle that simply outshoots the prehistoric, rusty, lever action rifle that the old Range Dick was abusing all afternoon. Not everybody shoots the same thing for a reason. That's why we're considered individuals.

People that come to the range, and don't realy shoot, but instead stand behind me and yak all day are Range Dicks. Give me a break. I like to socialize at the range a little too, but I am not about to stand behind someone who is trying to get in the "zone", and talk my ass off for an hour and distract him (or her).

People that complain because a shooter brought his kid to the range are Range Dicks. Every time I have seen someone bring their kid yo the range, that kid has been quiet, well behaved, and courteous. That's alot more than I can say for some Range Dicks I have encountered. Why not support people that bring their kids? The same jerks that complain about kids are the same Dicks that bitch about the fact that there just isn't enough interest or support for firearm sports anymore. Make up your mind gramps.

There, my rant is over. Thanks for hanging in there. Now get out there and go to the range and have some fun. Take a kid.