Saturday, October 23, 2010

I have the Minecraft bug.

I have played the excellent game of Minecraft for a week now, and am entirely hooked. I have built up a little base in what appears to be a massive map. I have read that it could be as large as Earth (wow) Is anyone crazy enough to try and explore it all.
Each map is random. So everybody's environment is different. It is a huge somewhat silly looking sandbox game. Play it in Peaceful mode, or try Survival against a host of enemies. Careful, some enemies explode.

Here's a recent overview map I created of my Minecraft I explored so far.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My BOB is not a BOB !?!?

My BOB is not a BOB. According to some folks opinions I have encountered online, and in person, my BOB just isn't.

What's a BOB (you might wonder)? It is a Bug Out Bag. Wikipedia calls it:
... a portable kit that contains the items one would require to survive for seventy two hours when evacuating from a disaster.

I have more than one matching bag of items I determined would best support myself, spouse, and child in the case of emergency. It has items that are likely similar to the kits every other prepper or survivalist has, so I won't bore you with the big list. As well, people's opinions on the proper items vary quite a bit, so I won't get into it. If you are curious about creating your own kit,  you can look here, or Google it.

Other survival bags or packs exist, and of course the Internet is full of acronyms to describe them. There is the GHB (Get Home Bag), for helping you get home from work or wherever else you might be. The there is also the BOV (Bug Out Vehicle). This either a vehicle prepared to aid in escape or survival in emergencies, or containing the necessary items to ensure survival while getting out of Dodge. 

Our intention for the bags is this: If we are at home, the bags are placed in locations so they can be easily grabbed when we GTFO (Get The **** Out). OR .... when we travel in either of our vehicles, we simply take a bag (or two) with us. Our thinking is that if SHTF "you-know-what Hits The Fan" while we are  at home, we can simply leave, either on foot or by truck/car. If on the other hand, all hell breaks loose while either one of us is away, we are better prepared to make it home.

So my kit is a BOB but it isn't. I guess it magically is a BOB, a GHB, or a BOV (sort of). We planned on what I simply refer to as survival packs long before I became aware of the popular acronyms preppers and survivalist use. I think that sometimes some people get a little too tied up in the terms. 

Plan ahead. Be safe.