Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I am going to attack my 1983 Goldwing!

I have thought about it for months. I am going to grab the necessary tools and pull all of the fairings and luggage off my 1983 Goldwing Interstate. I will remove all the extra bars as well. The seat has to go too. Hell, kiss those handlebars goodbye too. Why stop there? The exhaust is ugly too. It's going!


I am going to turn into into a mean machine. I hope to end up with a bobbed/fighter look. New bars, new stops and signals, custom (read as cheap) exhaust, custom seat pans and seat, and front fender, etc.

This will take a lot of time. But what the hell? I think a clean look on a meaty opposed four engine based bike will look great, weigh much less, and handle better.

This submission of mine sucks without photos doesn't it?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hello Linux Mint

I have used Linux based distributions for many years. I have taken breaks from it (and Windows too for that matter), but always seem to go back to Linux after some time. Recently I installed Linux Mint. I was hoping for a Linux distribution that was very easy to install, very functional and good looking. This is exactly what Linux Mint is.

Much the same as I have done on my Windows laptop before, I now surf the web, check emails, mess with photo images, download torrents, and play music and videos. Of course I can do serious stuff too such as website editing, FTP, and remote server maintenance. I can even access the Windows computers around the house to easily copy and paste files.

I have tried numerous Linux distributions before, such as Debian, Red Hat, Slackware, and Suse. I really like Linux Mint. If you are considering giving Linux a try, definitely give Linux Mint a shot first. It even comes with choices to give it a different look and desktop functionality.