Thursday, January 31, 2008

I switched camcorders

I had purchased a Samsung DVD camcorder in November. I thoiught it would be okay for the general videos I would be taking. I was surprised as to just how bad the quality of video was. Some videos were okay (not great), while others were horrible. I admit I am fairly ignorant of all the things someone should know when considering a camcorder purchase, but I figured that today's camcorders would give me some level of acceptable video quality. This just isn't true. I have seen better video on old VHS recorders.

So I just went ahead and tried another brand. This time with a little research, I grabbed a JVC model. It is pretty great so far. The model is the GZ-MG330AU. This might well be the smallest, lightest, hard drive based camcorder around. This thing is super tiny. It's actually a hybrid, in that it allows me to record to MicroSD cards as well as the 30 GB hard drive. Whether or not I'll use the MicroSD option, I don't know, but it's cool to know it's available to me. The camcorder also came with some pretty nice software from Cyberlink too. Now I can produce, view, copy, backup and burn DVDs with ease. DVD creation is a snap.

My first test video was a short length piece featuring my son (the ham). Quality was nice, too. I think I will crank up the video quality setting to Ultra Fine and see how it looks. So far I noticed little noise or deterioration.

I hope I don't have to returnn this one like the Samsung. I love this little bugger. Here's picture of the model in blue (4 colors are available).

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's up with Fujifilm ??

I thought I would look at the site and see what I could find regarding my new Finepix S800. I have to say I was a little surprised to find that neither the Fujifilm Canadian nor American sites list the S800. I even sent an email to fujifilm Canada's support asking about this, but they never responded. So I called Fuji. The lady that picked up was surprised by the model I described. She wondered if I wasn't meaning the S8000 (I wish I had an S8000). I explained that I really had an S800. She never heard of it. Maybe I meant the S700. I explained this one has more megapixels thant S700. She put me through tthe techs. I learned that this meant I was transfered to a line where no one picks up, and you have to leave a message. Gee, thanks!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I gave the firearms site a facelift was looking a little dark. I thought I should lighten it up a bit. Let me know if you like the new look.

Monday, January 21, 2008

If I knew Suneido was this much fun ...

I would have started coding years ago. I admit that I really have only scratched the surface when it comes to Suneido or programming in general, but I feel like I am actually doing alright. Sure I make mistakes and sit in front of the keyboard lost and confused at times, but that was expected. I only wish there was a really great book available that taught object oriented programming from the ground up, and that this imaginary book was based on Suneido. If I could, I'd write that book myself. Until then I will keep slugging away.

My most recent lesson learned in Suneido? My poor typing will result in horrible code. I really need to decrease my typing errors.

I picked up a new camera this weekend

I purchased a new Fuji Finepix S800 this weekend. Sadly I had to exchange it the next day due to a faulty flash. The camera was great otherwise, but the flash would not stay down (it should popup automatically). Once exchanged for a another S800, I was quickly checking out all the cool features. This camera is awesome. It has a ton of features and is very easy to use. I don't always rely on Auto mode for pictures, but found that the pcitures taken in that mode were excellent.

I need to practice a little more in Manual mode before I can start taking those real "artsy" shots, but I can tell already that this camera will allow me to take some superb pictures in all kinds of situations. The manual is big, but I expected it to be, as there are tons of features.

 Now I need to find a nice Finepix bag for it, or some other accessories.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Website neglect?

Poor was sadly neglected for months. I finally decided to put up a bunch of articles wether they all had photos or not. Most articles have really nice pics, while a couple need some images. Each article is of course informative and very readable without images, but I love pictures in documents.

So I no longer will have this poor little site sitting around in maintenance mode. Go over and check it out. If you are new to the whole firearms world, or just curious about guns, it's definitely worth a look. Let me know what you think.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm really getting into programming with Suneido

Man, I am on fire! I have already created a simple book in Suneido with 6 or 7 tabs. Users of my very  incomplete "GunData" program can already manage a firearms, cases, bullets, scopes, powders and loads databases. They can even use simple things to make life easier, like KeyControls with nice little Access buttons to easily add and update throughout the software. I am getting pretty good at some of the simpler Field definitions, and have even used some simple Rules. My Access screens are pretty basic, so I need to experiment with different interfaces like Horz and Vert to get things looking a little nicer.

I am considering the release of some sort of Beta version soon.