Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tinfoil Hat or just Responsible Thinking?

I have actually started researching emergency preparedness and survival. No kidding. I didn't watch a bunch of disater movies or sit glued to the TV watching documentaries about Katrina or Haiti either. I just suddenly got the urge to consider the "what if" questions?

Here's part of my thinking behind this. Last winter the power went out for nearly 6 hours. This is actually pretty serious up here in Saskatchewan. It was frickin' cold out that night. No power meant no furnace. The first few hours were okay, we had flashlights and candles to occupy us. After about the fourth hour the house got quite cold. In the fifth hour, it was very cold, and I was starting to get concerned. Luckily the power was restored. What if it went on longer? How long could we stay there with the temperature dropping?

Now my plan is to install a secondary heat source. But why stop there? I decided that we should be prepared for future emergencies. The Canadian government (as well as the American government) is actually recommending that citizens be prepared for at least three days. Are you prepared to survive for 72 hours in an emergency situation? I am guessing most people aren't.

After carefull research on the topic, I have begun to store food, water, and medical supplies. The food is all long shelf life food, that we will rotate to ensure freshness. Water is easy to store, and we are already planning on gaining filtering and purification supplies. Looking at our present first aid supply, I realized that we are in serious need of better medical too.

There's a lot more to it of course. Many factors have to be considered. I am actually planning on water, food, medical, heating, waste management, electricity, lighting, vehicle fuel storage, auxillary shelter, and more. Does this all sound paranoid? Maybe it does, but I am now thinking that having and not needing, is better than needing and not having. I am expecting something from the Road Warrior? No.

My goal is to be prepared for months, in any climate. I also plan on creating portable solutions for each vehicle, as well as preparing the obligatory BOB (Bug Out Bag). What's a BOB? Essentially, it is a pack or bag, packed carefully with the proper items and equipment to prolong survival in the event I have to leave in a hurry. Sounds crazy, doesn't it.