Thursday, September 6, 2007

My memory sucks and I am too cheap (and broke).

I picked up a brand new rifle recently. She's a beauty! It's Savage 116FLSS in .223 Remington. Look here I purchased a bunch of ammo so I could break the barrel in, and even slapped a budget scope on it. Then I thought, "damn, I don't even have a .22 cal cleaning rod. How can I clean between shots on break-in?"

I was mentioning this to my buddy Bill the other day. I then reached for my only cleaning rod and realized that it was a 44 inch rod marked 22'' to 24''. That was a little embarrassing. I recall now that when I started purchasing equipment back when I got into firearms, I selected a rod diameter that I could use on multiple bore sizes. Why couldn't I remember that! What a cheapskate too. It is actually better to have a rod match the bore you are cleaning, but to save money I took the short route.

Now I need at least 3 more rods.

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