Monday, October 15, 2007

Rechambering one of my rifles

I'm about 95 % sure I will be re-chambering one of my rifles. My buddy Bill has been reporting great results with the 8.6 x 72mm Swamp Donkey Magnum I think I will follow suit, and chamber my left handed Remington 700 in the .338 Gaillard cartridge. It's basically the same cartridge, with some minor differences in shoulder angle. Essentially this is a 8mm Remington Magnum necked to .338 cal. It has a slight body taper, improved capacity, and a good shoulder. It is one hell of a great cartridge.

It has a fair bit of recoil, but I have shot my .338 Winchester Magnum enough, that I don't mind recoil. You just have to learn to ride with it.

I will visit the wildcat cartridge's creator Ted Gaillard soon and have my barrel inspected. This will tell me if the old barrel is worth re-chambering or not. In the future I will get a new barrel from Ted, and try to scrap up enough cash to get a decent stock and trigger job.

I can't wait.

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