Monday, November 5, 2007

Good Bye to my .338 Win Mag

Ted Gaillard inspected my rifle and found that the bore was actually pretty good. I thought it might be, as the rifle looked like it had little use when I bought it used. He even showed me the bore in detail with his bore scope. Of course I found the bore scope to be very cool. I was amazed at how closely I could see every little detail in my bore. Turns out I had some copper tracing present. I found that a bit odd, as I had just cleaned the bore with a spray in foaming bore cleaner. Ted didn't seem too concerned with the tiny amount of copper he found, so I am not too worried.

So I asked Ted to take his time re-crowning the muzzle and chambering the barrel in his .338 Galliard cartridge. He was even kind enough to set me up with what I thought was far to good a deal on the .338 Gaillard two die reloading set from Redding.

So I have until next year to start gathering up piles of 8mm Remington Magnum brass, magnum rifle primers and powder. I  just hope the factory Remington stock isn't too light for this cartridge. I don't want to develop a flinch from the recoil.

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