Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm finally not afraid to try programming

I have always wanted to experience programming as a hobby. I don't know how people that code all day for a living feel about programming hobbyist, but I want to be one. I have always had the urge to write software, even as far back as the early Eighties. The small amount of coding I did in high school in 1982, was an introduction to Basic. I forget 99% of all that.

Lately I was looking into some languages like Ruby , but never really committed myself to learning it. The books just sat there staring at me, while I imagined cool applications I was entirely incapable of creating. I may still learn Ruby, as it is cross-platform (I love Linux).

Then I considered Suneido.

Even after just a few days, I have to say I really like it. I think I like it because it is so quickly gratifying. Within minutes I had windows on my screen that actually looked (and even functioned) like real programs. Sunedio ( has a nice manual that actually coached me through the basics. In no time at all, I was creating databases, and even reporting on database contents. Pretty cool!

I know that I have a long way to go. There are a couple of hurdles I need to clear. First off, I am basically a complete newbie when it comes to coding. I don't just need to learn how to program in Suneido, I need to learn how to program in any language. What are objects, functions, definitions, inheritance, etc? I am only part way through the Suniedo manual, but I think some of these will be explained. I have also registered on the Suneido forum, so I at least have some way of getting help or answers to my questions.

Wish me luck. Who knows, maybe I'll have a great little program available here some day.

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