Monday, March 3, 2008

Suneido and Python ?

I have run into a wall with Suneido. It's not Suneido's fault, Suneido is a great language, but it doesn't have the wealth of books and documents typically available with languages like Ruby, C#, or Python. My problem was my ignorance of programming. I really have no idea about data types, list, operations, etc. I am a beginner! So on a recommendation, I have decided to dive into Python. This way I can better learn how to program (at least its basics) and better understand Suneido, as it has many similarities to other popular languages. Who knows, once I get through this Python book, I might even go through the Ruby book I purchased a while back.

Yes that may not sound realistic. I am just getting into programming and learning Python and Suneido at once may be a bit much for my tiny brain. Why not throw Ruby in the mix too?

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