Friday, May 23, 2008

What a great week !

This last week has been great for a gun nut like myself. Finally after all the waiting, the goodies I ordered had arrived. I also went for a drive to Ted Gaillard's place and picked up my newly rechambered Remington 700. He was kind enough to sell me 100 pieces of 8mm Remington Magnum brass too. Returning to town that day, I checked the Post Office (yes my town is that small) and found a parcel ticket in my box. I was thrilled, as I was expecting the new Pact dispenser and scale combination to arrive. I handed in my parcel ticket and was surprised to see a long rectanglular box. My Choate stocks had arrived! I hurried home and cracked that box open. Damn their beautiful. Well, to me anyways.

Only a few days later I was lucky enough to come home and find that Tammy picked up another parcel from the Post Office. The Pact combo arrived. In minutes I had the box open, and started reading the manuals for the dispenser and scale.

Now I have a lot of work to do (can I really call it work?). I have about 180 pieces of 8mm Rem mag to form. So I will either have to borrow a buddies .35 dies or buy a set myself to create false shoulders on these cases before I fire form them to the new .338 Gaillard wildcat. I will also have to buy a sheet of stone flooring to use as a solid base for the Pact combo. I have read numerous recommendations suggesting that the scale works best on a sheet of smooth stone tile resting on a foam or rubber pad. This will make for accurate readings, as tiny bumps could throw off such a delicate scale. A cushioned and solid surface will defintely cut down on vibrations.

I need to run out and pick up a few pounds of powder too. Probably IMR 7828, or something similar. I can't wait to try out the new cartridge. I am tempted to fire form all of the cases without bullets, buy using the pistol powder and Cream of Wheat method. This will prolong barrel life, and not beat the hell out of me as I fire over 100 rounds.

One last note. I took some pictures of the two stocks I received. I'll post those in the next few days, to show off these great stocks. They truly are good products, despite what some others might suggest.
NOTE: I set the combo on a 13x13 foam-supported ceramic tile. This cuts down on vibrations that might affect the scale.

Choate has incorporated a nice integrated aluminum block to aid in securely mating the receiver with the stock.
Both the Ultimate Sniper and the Varmint stock have added accessories like extensions and alternate cheek rests.The Varmint stock differs from the Sniper (not just in color).Both stocks also have roomy forestocks allow for nice fat target barrels. I guess I need to save up some dough.

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