Monday, February 16, 2009

A bit of an update (Can't think of a good title...)

A quick update to what's going on.

Not much. (That's must read like, "Stop reading here. Not worth it.") Seriously not a whole lot going on. The weather isn't exactly perfect for shooting at the range. When it's minus 29 with the windchill, I don't really want to crawl behind a rifle on a frozen bench. I guess I can prep some cases until things warm up, whenever the hell that is. I did go to the monthly Muzzle Loading Club meeting. That at least made me feel somewhat involved in firearms for at least a couple of hours. I am now a full member (probation is over, yah!) and can't wait to get out there this spring and develope my skills with my new Traditions front loader. Tammy is now strangely interseted in going to. I think she appreciates teh simple beauty of the range facilities, with it's clubhouse, camping/RV area, and other amenities.

Work is going well. I have a lot to learn. I am picking things up as I go along that help a great deal (no, I'm not stealing tools), I am beginning to see that carpentry is huge area, and finishing/cabinetry area I mostly work in is really involved. Spend some time working on a new door without any routing or prep done in advance and you'll see what I mean.

One issue I have with the job is the tools. I'm not crazy enough (or rich enough) to run out and get all the needed tools, which would costs multiple thousands, but I already possess enough tools to make carrying them from job to job or just getting them in and out of my tiny Kia Spectra a pain in the ass. I need better tool boxes, a large job box on wheels, or a bigger vehicle. Hell, I'll take all of the above. Placing tools in multiple, easily carried boxes, and placing those in a large truck toolbox and rolling that large box in and out of a truck would be perfect. I need a truck.

On that note, I have researched trucks and finally decided on a used vehicle. I need to have a decent box size (it has to fit a table saw, job box, tools, etc.), possess a large cab, provide decent efficiency. Getting anything large enough to seat 4, and have at least a six foot box turned out to be very expensive, and this also means that this sort of truck would have a huge, gas sucking engine. So I looked around and actually found a good, large truck that seats 6 (4 very comfortably), has enough box area, and has an efficient engine. What is this magical truck? Sorry, but you'll have to wait for the next update, as I plan on taking photos and describing it in more detail. I'm proud of what I foulnd. Here's a hint. it's foreign.

Work has been rewarding in that it isn't always the same place day after day, after day. I don't return to the University campus for some time, and have already been involved in the completion of a new bank in Prince Albert (just a few days of driving, we don't work out of town much), and installed beautiful cabinets at the Credit Union Center too. I like the variety.

Valentines was okay. I typically hate Valentines day, as I think that I don't need a prescribed day to tell me to treat Tammy special and buy her shit. But... Tammy treated me to a gift so I picked up a little something for her. Tammy got me the Planet Earth set on Blue Ray. Wow, what a jaw dropper. It is simply amazing to watch. It is an awesome production showing the beauty and complexity of Earth, and does it with breath-taking cinematography. I could watch this over and over.

That's all for now.

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