Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Take on Battlefield: Bad Company 2

      Even as I write this I wonder, "Who really cares what I think about Bad Company 2?' Maybe voicing my opinion just makes me feel better. Anyways, here goes...

      What an awesome game. I know that everyone was concentrating on the multiplayer aspect (more on that later), but I was hoping for a great single player experience. I wasn't dissappointed. The single player campaign was a blast, and as usual the dialogue was hilarious. I finished it on Normal, and can't wait to try a few of the levels again. Single player was always interesting, challenging (for me at least), and beautifull to behold.
     Now for the multiplayer experience: It is defintely well crafted. The game servers were overwelmed at first, but all those issues have been addressed. Multiplayer kicks ass. They created great maps and added nice upgrades and unlocks as you progress and hone your abilities. Getting in with a good squad and driving tanks, flying helicopters, and launching unmanned recon craft is pure fun.
     Is multiplayer perfect? No, it isn't. This isn't the developers fault, it's the fault of some players. Bad Company 2 is a great SQUAD based game. The loners and campers out there (likely used to other inferior games) are just ruining it for the rest of us. Seriously. While most are trying hard to defeat the enemy through team play, there is always some idiot who thinks he can just sit on his ass, far from the action and snipe all day. He thinks he can hide in a building and take pot shots at the enemy, playing only for himself. This doesn't work. As I mentioned, Bad Company 2 is a squad based game. When these campers and loners join a game, they are crippling their team. It is multiplayer after all. It's not just you playing. Half the team is getting their ass kicked working against an organized group, while some dumb ass thinks he's helping by killing 2 enemies every 20 minutes with multiple sniper shots to a single enemy. You can't hide in this game. Nowhere is safe. Don't just sit there, move dammit! If you don't believe me, just keep sitting there in the trees, looking through your scope, oblivious to all your team suffering because of you. Just keep trying to kill everyone with a headshot, while I sneak up behind you and stab you in the head.
     Of course when I am lucky enough to join a great team, we work together to capture flags or destroy M-COMM stations. We love the ability to launch an RPG at a building holding that one lonely sniper, who thinks we haven't seen him. Team play rocks. Everyone fightoing together makes all the points you gain feel even better. Nothing beats a good squad battling it out against another. Buildings crumbling under heavy tank fire, helicopters strafing your position, and getting rushes by four guys at once is just part of the excitement.
     Play the game and look me up. I'm schick1911

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