Friday, January 18, 2013

Hello Linux Mint

I have used Linux based distributions for many years. I have taken breaks from it (and Windows too for that matter), but always seem to go back to Linux after some time. Recently I installed Linux Mint. I was hoping for a Linux distribution that was very easy to install, very functional and good looking. This is exactly what Linux Mint is.

Much the same as I have done on my Windows laptop before, I now surf the web, check emails, mess with photo images, download torrents, and play music and videos. Of course I can do serious stuff too such as website editing, FTP, and remote server maintenance. I can even access the Windows computers around the house to easily copy and paste files.

I have tried numerous Linux distributions before, such as Debian, Red Hat, Slackware, and Suse. I really like Linux Mint. If you are considering giving Linux a try, definitely give Linux Mint a shot first. It even comes with choices to give it a different look and desktop functionality.

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Well yes!!! Where are the pics??