Monday, June 20, 2016

I am Running an Experimental Server

I have an interest in network security. so I set up a dynamic server testing environment.

It is basically an experiment to learn more about how a typical server is approached by outsiders, specifically those with bad intentions. Really, how bad could it be? Will I be attacked?

Absolutely, no doubt about it.

As time progresses I will occasionally share some of the external hacking attempts and door-knocking the server encounters. The server is set up to log practically everything, but since that data will be enormous, it will be far too much to provide as updates here. Frankly, updates containing anything more than a few periodic examples would be a tedious read and snooze fest.

I am a complete amateur in all network security. Besides me researching a lot, experience is needed. This is not a hacking invitation, especially since I won't need to invite prowling network jackasses anyways. I am fairly good at manipulating a server, but am truthfully just learning the security side of it.

I know some of the risks.

My server is virtual, and hosted nowhere near me. It can be wiped and reinstall all fresh and sparkly after a successful attack. But ... it risks being compromised and used to attack others. This a major concern. As a precaution, as soon as I detect that (and I will if need be), the server will go on complete lockdown and reset.

That said, I do have some security and tightening measures in place. I was tempted to run the server naked and see what happens, but expect it wouldn't last long before it got completely fucked by outsiders. Presently there some protections up, and a way for me to securely access the server to check logs and make changes as needed.

Stay tuned. It could be like watching a car wreck.

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