Thursday, January 31, 2008

I switched camcorders

I had purchased a Samsung DVD camcorder in November. I thoiught it would be okay for the general videos I would be taking. I was surprised as to just how bad the quality of video was. Some videos were okay (not great), while others were horrible. I admit I am fairly ignorant of all the things someone should know when considering a camcorder purchase, but I figured that today's camcorders would give me some level of acceptable video quality. This just isn't true. I have seen better video on old VHS recorders.

So I just went ahead and tried another brand. This time with a little research, I grabbed a JVC model. It is pretty great so far. The model is the GZ-MG330AU. This might well be the smallest, lightest, hard drive based camcorder around. This thing is super tiny. It's actually a hybrid, in that it allows me to record to MicroSD cards as well as the 30 GB hard drive. Whether or not I'll use the MicroSD option, I don't know, but it's cool to know it's available to me. The camcorder also came with some pretty nice software from Cyberlink too. Now I can produce, view, copy, backup and burn DVDs with ease. DVD creation is a snap.

My first test video was a short length piece featuring my son (the ham). Quality was nice, too. I think I will crank up the video quality setting to Ultra Fine and see how it looks. So far I noticed little noise or deterioration.

I hope I don't have to returnn this one like the Samsung. I love this little bugger. Here's picture of the model in blue (4 colors are available).

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