Saturday, October 18, 2008

Man, do I need exercise !!

I went to my first Muay Thai kickboxing class the other day. I knew going in that it has been years since I did any real exercise, and that it would feel like hell. Even with that expectation(not too positive, eh?) I couldn't believe how much I was sucking wind. I was sweating so much, it was burning my eyes. Iwasn't sure I could actually complete the hour, but I did. I think it may be over 10 years since i did any really workout.

After the class I hopped in the car for the long ride home and realized that I really enjoyed myself. What's not to like? I actually enjoyed sweating and getting my heart working again. I also think that learning how to punch and kick is great. Stretching was awkward, but that will improve in time. Of course, the folks at Scheer's are great too. At the end of class so e of the other students encouraged me by telling me I did a great job. I chatted with a few others and found that they are all really nice.

I am really looking forward to my next class. I will take at least one class per week at first, then after a few weeks I will begin taking two or three classes a week. This strategy and my new eating habits (Thanks Weight Watchers) will have me in great shape in no time at all.

NOTE: In my last entry I explained that I joined Weight Watchers. Well, in just 6 weeks, I am about one pound away from loosing my first twenty pounds. Not too bad ?!

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Tony said...

Sweet. Cathy has been doing Weight Watchers and working out, too. She has lost about 20 pounds. Good work. I am going to get back to running because I need the stress relief. My job is high stress. Perhaps kick boxing is worth a shot.