Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adios to my Traditions Tracker 209

I sold my Traditions Tracker 209 muzzleloader. I simply didn't like it. There was nothing really wrong with it. It worked well enough, but I just didn't feel right holding it (or some damn thing). No offense to anyone that already owns one, or is considering one, but that muzzleloader and I didn't jive.

So I will see if I can scrape up enough bread for a new one. Nothing too fancy. Maybe I'll grab the T/C Z-5 or the CVA Optima. Both are considered "magnum" muzzleloaders in that they each can handle three 50 grain pellets. Would I ever use three pellets? Doubtful, but using 120 grains of loose powder might be okay for some big beasts.

I am leaning towards the Optima right now, as it's more within my budget and I like the fact I can easily break it down with the removal of one screw, and have the barrel ready for a super cleaning if needed.

My dream muzzleloader would be the Lyman Great Plains rifle in either 50 or 54 caliber (left-handed of course). Those are around $520 up here where I am, so that dream rifle will be quite a ways off.

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