Thursday, April 9, 2009

What is it with web hosts? a.k.a. HostingPuppy sucks

Seriously, how hard is it to provide good web service?

I have only changed web hosts 3 or 4 times in the years I have had websites up. I can handle a fair amount of problems before I jump ship, but I have quit a couple hosts due to slow or erratic connections. That has to be the biggest concern for me. I need the pages to load fast. There is not good reason (excuse?) for a slow page load. I am an amateur, and as a result, have simple pages with no database back ends, and just present simple Php or html. This simplicity makes for fast pages, so any slow loads are typically the host.

One other thing I can't stand is bad support. I am not the kind of guy that constantly bothers support, and realize they are busy. I just can't stand hosts that advertise quick response times, but don't keep their word. One example is Hosting Puppy.'s front page brags about, "First class support!" and "1 hour tech support". They used to actually deliver on that, way back before Jon Watson sold the company to someone else. Now, they don't even answer support requests. I created 2 new tickets (first tickets in many months) and they still sit unassigned or unanswered for over 7 days. I accepted past outages, but I can't accept the rude lack of response.

Come on HostingPuppy, I know I didn't pay much for your 2 gig package, but it doesn't mean you should annoy me. Now you've pissed me off and I am already transferring to Downtown Host.

Ignoring customers is simply wrong. Hostingpuppy sucks!

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