Sunday, May 31, 2009

It was like Mecca

Tammy, Maxwell, and myself spent a few days in Calgary last week. We did the typical tourist thing, shopping, the Zoo, and the usual sleeping in late at the hotel and eating great food. The one special thing we did was go to the new Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Store. Wow, what a place!

The Bass Pro store has to be the best shopping experience I ever had. I was concerned before going in that Tammy and Maxwell would be bored stiff after a few minutes while I wandered around looking at firearms and stuff. The opposite occurred. Tammy and Maxwell loved the place. The store is simply great. Walking in, I was surprised at just how well decorated and laid out the store is. It's gorgeous. There are examples of great taxidermy everywhere, some of it perched on beautifully created scenes of woods or mountain rocks. The center of the store, in front of the elevator, has a massive aquarium full of huge, healthy looking game fish. A waterfall spills over a pseudo rock face , falling into a stream that holds a figure clad in fishing garb, rod in hand, fighting some unseen fish. Very cool.

The staff were excellent and the store has piles of great merchandise. Tammy was impressed to find the store containing lots of clothing and other items aimed at her (or females in general). The store has everything from guns to stoneware dish sets. There were toys for the kid and a nice place to sit and have a meal too.

The whole time we were there (hours actually) I couldn't help notice how well planned the place is. Every place you look you'll find that someone made an effort to have store areas designed in a way to make them very attractive. The landscaping, woodworking, knickknacks, lighting, and sounds all lend to a very enjoyable stay. Looking down at the floor I could see that someone took the time to add animal tracks to guide shoppers along. The entire store is all about details. It is like they thought of everything. I only wish I had more money, as I could have stayed there most of the day.

Thanks Bass Pro. When we visit Calgary again, we plan on spending even more time at the Outdoor Store.


RKL said...

We have one here in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex near the airport. I used to get excited when I would go on business trips because I could stop by Bass Pro on the way home from the airport. So I know what you mean.

How is ammo availability in Canada?


Schick said...

The only drawback to Bass Pro was related to ammo. I could buy piles of cartridges and shotshells, but I couldn't get any powder or primers. They simply don't carry any.

Apparently our Canadian regulations regarding powder and primer storage are a bit of trouble for Bass Pro. Up here, stores require a federal government regulated magazine and owners must follow strict storage rules.

I was told they will have all kinds of powder available in the future, which is excellent news, as I am a reloader.

Thanks for the comment.

RKL said...

I'm a reloader also. Luckily I stocked up on components last year. Now primers are almost impossible to find. Powder is available in limited quantities but you have to shop around. I'm sure the demand will ease sooner or later.


Schick said...

I thought primers would be easier to get in the USA. I guess things are bad all over.

Maybe once the wars settle down (whenever the hell that is) we will see some primers or Varget.