Monday, May 17, 2010

UPDATE: Knoxx SpecOps stock for the Dominion Arms Grizzly

I finally got the KNOXX SPECOPS stock in,. I was happy to see they included the forend grip. Putting the buttstock on is super easy. I thought I'd have an issue with the bolt perhaps having the wrong threads, but it fit nice and tight. The forend was a hassle. Damn it was way too tight. After a little sanding and filing I finally got the grip on too. I have to say that I actually like the new forend.  Take a look at my last post to see the difference. Here's how the Grizzly looks now:

I like the new look. All I need now is to find a decent light system on a budget. I guess I will also have to find a new home for the spare parts that are left over. I doubt I'll have any need for the old folding stock and forend.

I can't wait to head out to the range again and see just how much this new stock reduces recoil.


RKL said...

I like the updated components. That's one nice looking weapon. If it shoots as good as it looks, you're in for a good time.


Schick said...

Thanks. It's been a pretty wet spring here, making it difficult to head out to the range. Once the weather clears up I will have to put a couple boxes of shells through it. I am curious how slugs will feel with recoil reduction.