Thursday, July 1, 2010

Practicing Airbrushing Again

Although I have been screwing around with my airbrushes for a couple decades, I decided to get back into serious practice again. So I dusted off my trusty Paasche VSR90#1, tried out my Badger 150 knockoff (HSENG, I think) and grabbed my son a cheap Badger 350 knockoff.

Damn, I like spraying paint. Trouble shooting a few issues right now with media reducing and pressures, but so far, so good. Maxwell (my 6 year old) has played around a few times and really seems to love it. I have him practicing dots and lines right now, and he is always into experimenting with shapes and scribbles.

My studio area is small and far too cramped. I need to find a roomy, well lit spot somewhere downstairs. Right now it feels like I am airbrushing in a dank cave.

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