Monday, June 16, 2008

Camping in the rain sucks

Never trust the weather man.

Tammy, Maxwell, and myself went camping last week. We left for the Prince Albert National Park on Thursday morning. It rained during the 2.5 hour trip there, and continued raining non-stop the whole time we were there.

Tammy and I have never camped together before, and of course never set up a tent together before. We weren't exactly smiling during the process. Setting up a tent in the pouring rain sucks. It was so miserable, it was funny. We were soaked, sliding around making a mess.

The rain never let up. Other than bathroom breaks, which involved ponchos and hurrying to the facilities, we stayed in the tent and tried our best to entertain ourselves.

Tammy is now considering the purchase of a tent trailer. Just wait until she finds out what on is worth.

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