Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some environmentalist drive me nuts

Recently I have come across a few periodicals or newsletter type publications promoting the protection of certain environmental areas or species. While reading them I thought of how nice it was to see that someone cares and how people are actually trying to make a difference. They what to save a species, or number of species, or are trying to save an area, etc. Great. I personally think we should all at least try and do a least a little to preserve or better our own world.

But I then realized that many of these publications are on paper. Some are on what is clearly recycled paper, which is okay, but others are publishing great, big, multi-page products made with thick glossy paper that is of a large format. I'm not referring to a couple of pages either, some of these things are huge.

Why? How is using all this paper helping? What logic is in use here? Save the fish, screw the trees?

Today, practically everybody has a computer and an internet connection. Why not publish on the web. Since the computers are already there, the environmental impact of their creation has already occurred. Why not use the computers instead of wasting paper? Email out some newsletters.

Some might say that these paper publications can all be recycled and used again. Ya right, everybody recycles paper! If we were all that environmentally conscious, we wouldn't need to read about saving our planet. we'd already be doing it.

Maybe my ignorance is showing here, but seriously, isn't there a more environmentally way to spread the message?

What do you think?

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