Monday, June 2, 2008

I took my 4 year old to the range

Yup, I took Maxwell, who was just a few days into his fourth year, to the range. We got up just before 6:00 Am to get there about 7: 00 AM. This is the best time to go, since there is less people around, and the temperatures are pretty nice.

Maxwell wasn't exactly thrilled to get up that early, but soon felt better once I reminded him where we were going. It was his first time, and I could tell his imagination was running wild about what "the range" might be. We hit the road and made it about 5 minutes out of town before wehad to turn around. Maxwell wanted to bring his shotgun. So after a quick return trip home for his toy, and a quick stop at Tim Hortons for an extra large double-double, we made it to the range to see that my buddies were already there and hitting paper.

Maxwell loved it. I didn't bring any firearms this time, as I just wanted him to feel safe and comfortable about the range, with it's benches, different people, and gunshots. I had already coached him in the car about the importance of keeping his ear protection on, and staying near me. He made me proud. He stuck to me like glue and looked great in ear muffs.

He soon realized that there was .17 MR and 22 long rifle brass lying around, and spent his time filling his pockets. He even sat at a free bench with his plastic over-under shotgun and firde a few shots. The guys were great, shaking his hand like a gentleman and making him feel welcome. It was truly a great first experience for a 4 year old boy.

I can't wait to take him again.

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