Sunday, May 10, 2015

Adios Old Web Server

I finally got my domain name pointing to my blog. I was enjoying the website I rented, but frankly it is a pain in the ass.

Some fuckers decided to hack the comment plugin on the Concrete5 content management system I was usin. It was a complete mess. The fault is mine, as I should have monitored the whole thing better and not trusted plugins from the general public. Lesson learned.

I can't blame the Concrete5 people, as their default setup is quite awesome and safe (someone else made the comment plugin), and I can't blame the web host either.

So it is back to good old Blogger. I have to admit, it is much easier and Blogger hasn't been a pain in the ass, or insecure.

Now it is time to move some stuff over here. I have some really nice pictures and the beginnings of Maxwell's Tele build.

Before I forget; I know that my name as a domain name seems pretty vain. I can live with that. I waited years for some rich guy to drop (or lose?) the domain, so I could snatch it. It's mine, all mine, and the other Kevin Schicks out there can live in envy. ;-)

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