Sunday, May 17, 2015

Missing Samples in Kontakt - A Solution

So you added a Kontakt library and now get a missing samples error.

At times you may run into an issue where Kontakt presents you with a warning about missing samples while you are attempting to use a library. Perhaps it is a new library, or you have upgraded something such as Kontakt and the issue occurred.
This happened to me after I added a new library. I received a "Missing Samples" error when I double-clicked on "Piano in Blue v2.nki" to add that particular instrument.

A window popped up and informed me I was missing samples.Yours may look similar to this:

 I used the option to manually resolve the issue by directing it to the folder for that particular library using "Browse for folder" under "Resolve Manually", which worked fine. I simply selected the directory where I had stored that particular library, and the warning window went away. I played with the instrument, and it was all there. Yay!


The next time I used Kontakt, and tried double-clicking to use that instrument as before, I was presented with the same damn error message about missing samples. It was very annoying since I know the samples are there, and they work fine. So I had to resolve the issue again by using the above mentioned method and showing Kontakt the library's folder. It worked again, but screw that, I am not doing this every time I want to use that instrument!

The Solution?     Re-save the .nki file. 

WARNING: Back up you library just in case. I would feel like shit if you lost your library.

Once I had resolved the missing samples issue again, by showing Kontakt which folder to search and everything sounded great, I did the following:

  • I clicked the "Files" box at the top of the Kontakt window.

  • From there, I looked for "Save as..." in the drop down box. It displayed the name of the NKI file I needed to fix. Mine looked like this);

  • Selecting that nki file presents a dialog box.  Here you need to click on "Patch Only" under "Save Mode", and check the box for "absolute sample paths". My "Save in" directory was nicely pre-chosen for me as the correct library folder. Check the image below.

  • I selected "Save" and confirmed I was indeed replacing the existing file. 

So there you have it. Close, and re-open Kontakt.  It should work fine now. No more annoying missing samples popup.

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